Mommie Chic Bag - UV Sterilization Bag -SALE - Worthy Chic
Mommie Chic Bag - UV Sterilization Bag -SALE - Worthy Chic
Mommie Chic Bag - UV Sterilization Bag -SALE - Worthy Chic

Mommie Chic Bag - UV Sterilization Bag -SALE

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Mommy Bag Pacifier Sanitizer Portable Uv Sterilizer

disinfect, sterilize, eliminate the influence of antisepsis

Eliminate 99% of bacteria in 3 minutes

360°Omnidirectional Sterilization



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Sterilizing for women's underwear

Power Bank Battery Capacity 2600mAh
Input 5V 2A
Type Magnetic induction, eyes protected

250mm*200mm*160mm (Customization is allowed)

Sterilizing time Eliminate 99% of bacteria in 3 minutes
Power 8W
UVA beads 12pcs
UVC beads 12pcs
LED Life 10000 hours
Sterilizing power 3.68W
Power supply USB port
Material Fine Composite fabric, stainless steel grid
Led wavelength 260~280nm

Is UV sterilizer Safe and what's the Applications of UV Light?

 UV light can be used for a variety of disinfection, self-sanitizer use. It has long bean available for Biological Safety Cabinet disinfection. It can also be used for surface and air disinfection in rooms and other chambers. UV light provides a chemical free method of disinfecting soundproofing materials that are traditionally chemically incompatible. Smaller UV-C systems are available for tool and small item disinfection within a self-enclosed chamber. Systems for HEPA filter disinfection are available as are in-line duct systems.


 As UV-C provides radiation - IT IS NOT SAFE TO BE IN  ROOM WITH UV-C while disinfection is taking place. UV-C is classified as "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program. UV-C light is harmful for skin and eyes, do direct exposure to UV-C is aways to be avoided. UV-C is blocked by a number of materials, including glass (except quartz glass) and most clear plastics, so it's possible to safely observe a UV-C system if you are looking through a window. UV-C provides residue free disinfection so there's no concern over dangerous residues that are used to be wiped down or neutralize after the disinfection occurs.